Spring Cleaning

I use my desktop to collect images. Inspiring, funny, badass, etc. Some were created by me, some made by uber talented folks like Lisa Perrin, Erin Robinson, Lincoln Pierce, and Hatem Aly. When my desktop gets too cluttered, I post those images here for safe keeping. You never know when inspiration will strike.

In an effort to clean up my desktop ...

Here're all the things I've been saving, pondering, pining over, jonsing for, etc.

A random collection of thoughts

I love to pull various images or designs or quotes as inspiration for whatever I'm working on. Usually it's book cover ideas, but sometimes I'm just drawn to the aesthetics or delivery of a certain image, so I save it. Here's what's been kicking around on my desktop lately:

Most badass case design yet...

The case is the hard outer shell of a book, what's under the jacket. Case designs can vary, but often they repeat the name of the book both on the front panel and on the spine, either debossed or in foil or pigment stamp. But I prefer to shake things up, putting illustrations or design elements from the jacket or interior on the case. Little Easter eggs, if you will, for a curious reader. Here's my latest and most ambitious: Illustrations by the incredibly talented Spencer Charles. Actual printed stamp pic TK soon!

The chopping block: Killed Cover sketches

For any given cover, it's possible that I could design a dozen comps that never get beyond a cover meeting. Even if they don't make the final cut, some get an honorable mention in my book (no pun intended!) Below are a few of my favorite sketches from the last two seasons: